Finance - Accounting Specialist Training | Advanced Financial Accounting
Opening information & tuition fees
Duration: 18 sessions / 72 periods
Schedule: Mon - Wed - Fri evening
Class: 18h00 - 21h00
Tuition fee: 2.400.000 VND

This program is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation of financial accounting at an advanced level to all individuals who have completed Colleges or Universities with the major of finance and accounting or accounting training courses and are currently working in the finance and accounting profession at businesses.

Course Objectives

This program helps the participants to:

  • Understand the structure of accounting activities
  • Have insights into the concepts, principles, and processes of important accounting professions

Course Outcomes

After this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand cash accounting and how to manage exchange rate differences
  • Have insights into accounting for receivables and advances
  • Know how to calculate fixed assets and their relevant items
  • Explore material accounting; accounting for payroll and salary deductions; accounting for liabilities; accounting for owners’ equity
  • Analyze and go into detail on production cost accounting and product cost calculation
  • Understand accounting for consumption of finished products and goods
  • Learn about accounting for financial and other activities
  • Have knowledge about accounting for evaluation of business results and CIT
No. Modules Time
Session Periods
Cash accounting
  • Fund accounting
  • Accounting for bank deposits
  • Accounting for cash in transit
  • Managing exchange rate differences according to current regulations
2 8
Accounting for receivables and advances
  • Accounting for receivables
  • Accounting for advances
  • Making provision for bad debts according to current regulations
2 8
Fixed assets accounting
  • Accounting concepts and tasks
  • Calculating fixed assets
  • Accounting for increase and decrease of fixed assets
  • Calculate depreciation of fixed assets according to current regulations
  • Accounting for the repair of fixed assets
  • Accounting for leased fixed assets
  • Fixed assets revaluation
3 12
Material accounting
  • Accounting concepts & tasks
  • Calculation of export and import prices
  • Accounting for import and export
  • Inventory accounting
  • Making provision for devaluation of inventories according to current regulations
  • Accounting for materials using the periodic inventory method
2 8
Accounting for payroll and salary deductions
  • Accounting concepts & tasks
  • Accounting for payroll and salary deductions
1 4
Accounting for liabilities
  • Contents and principles of accounting for payables
  • Accounts payable process
1 4
Accounting for owners equity
  • Accounting concepts & tasks
  • Accounting for Stockholders equity
  • Asset revaluation difference
  • Exchange rate difference is recorded for account 413
  • Accounting for distribution business results
  • Accounting for corporate funds
2 8
Production cost accounting and Product cost calculation
  • Accounting concepts & tasks
  • Production cost accounting
  • Inventory of unfinished products
  • Calculating Product Cost
2 8
Accounting for consumption of finished products and goods
  • Accounting for sales
  • Accounting for revenue deductions
1 4
Accounting for financial and other activities
  • Accounting for financial activities
  • Accounting for other activities
1 4
Accounting for evaluation business results, Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
  • Accounting for evaluation business results
  • Accounting for CIT expense
1 4
18 72
Course Duration Opening Schedule Time
Advanced Financial Accounting 18 sessions / 72 periods Mon – Wed – Fri 18h00 – 21h00

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