IABM – Roadmap for talented leaders

Established in 2003, the Institute of Accounting and Business Management (IABM) is one of the few pioneering training institutes in Vietnam in Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, and essential leadership skills in business. With its training content and learning pathway built in a methodical, professional, and enthusiastic manner by a team of leading experts and lecturers in Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, and other relevant fields, IABM has trained tens of thousands of trainees of different levels such as students, professionals at businesses, and managers & leaders from mid to senior levels in many organizations. Each student who comes to IABM has different goals and expectations, but they all have one important thing in common: the desire to enhance their business acumen as they set foot on their career path after completing the course.

IABM prides itself on the spirit of constant innovation and creativity, applying technology to teaching and constantly searching for new methods of communication so that each lecture is of premium quality, applicable, and of lasting value to all students.

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Being Vietnam’s leading financial and skills training institute for corporate managers consistently meets the needs of the market.


Making a strong contribution to the development of Vietnam and the world by training and inspiring talented leaders with incessantly advanced, flexible, creative, and innovative training programs as well as methods to keep up with the pace of global economic-technological development. Simultaneously, it opens up a special opportunity for “Value Connection – Resounding Success” by creating high-class communities exclusively for entrepreneurs who always carry the aspiration to leadership.

Who is the IABM course for?

Individual customers

  • Senior accounting students that need to learn more practical applications for accounting software to prepare for employment, tax/tax declaration.
  • Students of majors such as business administration, finance, accounting, human resource management, etc, who wish to develop practical management skills early to be more competitive in the job market after graduation.
  • Specialists of functional departments are often required to possess appropriate degrees and further certificates to serve specific promotion goals on their roadmap.
  • Professionals and middle managers who want to hone their management skills in businesses in many different fields such as finance, business, human resources, administration, and others to further their career development goals in the future.
  • Senior managers often have a need to enrich their professional skills relating to finance, accounting, and business administration that they may be lacking or need to update further.

Corporate customers

  • The administrative and non-business departments of state-owned enterprises or private enterprises wish to improve the management skills of the core staff of the company.

Special Values

  • Study program: Our training program is developed and mentored by leading experts in business management, finance, accounting, and other related fields in Vietnam and is regularly updated according to the real-time development of businesses and the socio-economic situation. We provide consultation from reputable experts in economics, management, education, etc from prestigious training institutes in the US, UK, and other countries.
  • Learning mode: Using technology in flexible learning modes (face-to-face, online, and face-to-face paired with online) to apply digital transformation in training helps students increase their capacity to integrate into the industry. Technology in learning and many aspects of life can enhance our students’ study outcomes by maximizing study time, lowering study costs, and overcoming geographical barriers.
  • Training methods: Our advanced training methods strike a perfect balance between theory and practice (practice duration takes 50% of the course). Our students benefit from practice & interaction with experts, in a real working environment, ensuring the ability to work in international enterprises right after graduation. The advanced educational methods employed by IABM promote active spirit & critical thinking, helping to maximize the potential of each individual.
  • Lecturers: The teaching team consists of leading experts in the fields of Finance, Business, Marketing, and a variety of other relevant fields who have gained years of experience, teaching and working at major universities and large corporations both domestically and globally.
  • Facilities and learning equipment: IABM boasts modern facilities and equipment of international standards that meet our students’ every learning and practice need
  • Advantages for graduates:
    • Our graduates dominate the workplace with their financial thinking and technology application skills, as well as a broad set of thinking and management skills in modern organizations.
    • Graduates can increase their network of potential partners thanks to the wide ecosystem of significant companies that attend IABM courses.
    • Prestigious certificates that are renowned both domestically and globally.
    • During their work or various business projects, graduates are supported and consulted by prominent academics and industry professionals.