Professional Director Training | Pro CMO – Professional Chief Marketing Officer
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Duration: 34 days / 136 periods
Schedule: Mon - Wed - Fri
Class: 18h00 - 21h00
Tuition fee: 19.900.000 VND

Without marketing, communication, and product promotion, businesses would suffer considerably in their efforts to bring their products to their customers. The Pro CMO Training Course will help students improve the ability to think outside of the box and build a confident attitude in anticipating market changes, from which to be able to provide appropriate corrective solutions. The course also helps students improve leadership abilities, including the ability to lead and increase the efficacy of advertising and marketing initiatives.

Course Objectives

Our course aims to train and develop professional CMOs to meet the needs of the international and domestic markets. The esteemed level of coaching provided by the course is built on in-depth knowledge in the fields of marketing, public relations, and customer service delivered by a team of famous experts in marketing and advertising.

Who is the course for?

  • Group 1: Marketing Directors, working at domestic and international companies
  • Group 2:  Brand Managers, Regional Marketing Managers; Heads of Departments, The Vice President of Marketing Departments; and Specialist in the PR/Marketing department of their organization
  • Group 3: Business leaders, business owners
  • Group 4: Those who aspire to become professional Marketing Directors in the future
  • Group 5: Individuals who have just started a business, and want to access and accumulate knowledge and practical experience from experts

With a training program that is consulted and integrated from a set of exclusive training programs for managers from the American Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT), learners who complete one of the Director training courses at IABM will receive two valuable certificates simultaneously, including:

Certificate issued by
Institute of Accounting and Business Management (IABM)
Certificate issued by
American Institute Management & Technology (AIMT)

Module 1: CMO Rise to Leadership 

  • Knowing the competencies and authorities of a CMO
  • Understand culture deeply and then apply your learnings by changing the way your recruiting team operates and even changing the culture of your recruiting teams
  • Aware of how innovation helps you to achieve your goals
  • Knowing how to conduct an effective professional communication strategy with stakeholders

Module 2: Marketing Strategic Management

  • Defining the context of the company and building a strategic financial management road map in alignment with the company’s long-term vision
  • Analyzing the Use of Strategic Management Tools and Techniques in Marketing Management
  • Learn how sustainability issues influence corporate strategy and how corporations may transform these challenges into sources of competitive advantage

Module 3: Innovation Management and Boosting Creative Thinking 

  • Adopt The Characters of Innovation and explains how these characteristics are self-sustain
  • Can use knowledge of the theory to create a road map for addressing critical factors in the design and marketing of product
  • Can Learn From the Tech Sector’s Appropriation of Lean Thinking

Module 4: Best Human Resource Management

  • Gain deep knowledge about the key functions of a marketing leader
  • Learn to manage team performance through metrics and accountability, as well as reward and incentivize a team
  • Gain the skills to develop and motivate a marketing and public relations team, including coaching and mentoring

Module 5: Integrated Operational Marketing

  • Understanding fundamentals of operational marketing model and framework
  • Understanding how to use an essential toolkit for analyzing and utilizing content marketing
  • Know-How to manage corporate affairs and B2B marketing
  • Knowledge in effectively managing product distribution and retailing strategy

Module 6: Strategic Branding Promotion Policies

  • Techniques in managing a brand’s reputation and preparing an effective communication plan
  • Gain knowledge in developing brand management strategy in the context of the 4.0 Industry
  • Skills in analyzing market segmentation to develop an effective advertisement strategy

Module 7: Market Analysis and Data Marketing

  • Learn & understand various tools and techniques to collect market data from three levels: Macro, Tactical, and Operational/Supplier level
  • Develop Skills in analyzing market data
  • Strengthen competencies in Customer Analytics and Sales Data Analytics

Module 8: Distribution and Supply Chain Management

  • Learn and understand the functions of the distribution system and warehouse management
  • Gain essential skills in developing smart transportation and logistics management

Module 9: Customer Service Management

  • Identify key Customer Relationship Management (CRM) stakeholders such as senior executives, external clients, and VIPs
  • Learn and understand the fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Gain deep knowledge of CRM systems for effective executive and marketing support

Module 10: Public Relations and Media Strategy

  • Develop the key negotiation skills and styles to carry out negotiations and conclude satisfactory agreements between business partners
  • Improve communication skills with external stakeholders
  • Produce professional public relations materials such as press releases, social media content, and advertisement
  • Applying IT in managing performance feedback and achieving organizational objectives

Module 11: Business Law for CMO

  • Gain fundamental knowledge in competition regulations for implementing a better competition strategy
  • Understanding the legal duties you may have as a business leader
  • Understanding the structure and components of contracts to prepare for successful business deals
No. Modules Time
Session Periods
Rise to Leadership: Become a CMO
  • Competencies and Authorities of CMO
  • Building Workplace Culture and Attracting Talent
  • Driving Innovation and Setting Strategy
  • Communication Strategy for Stakeholder Engagement and Making Career Development Plan
  • Entrepreneurial Orientation and Sustainable Social Impact
  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Practicing Sustainability Vision, Responsibility, Professionalism, and Code of Ethics
1 4
Marketing Strategic Management
  • Marketing in a Context
  • Developing an effective business Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning Models
  • Strategic Management toolkits
  • Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise
  • Quality Monitoring and Governance Strategy
  • Evaluation and Control of the Marketing Strategy Implementation
  • Sustainable Development Goals – a global, transdisciplinary vision for the future
4 16
Innovation and Creativity Management
  • Characteristics of Innovation and Management Innovation Principles
  • Technical Innovation and Lean Innovation
  • Creativity (Ideas) Management – Boosting Creativity for Innovation
  • Project Planning and Management
2 8
Effective Human Resource Management Practices
  • The organizational structure of the Marketing department
  • Performance and Efficiency Evaluation System
  • Designing and Structuring Your Team for Excellence
  • The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work
  • Recruitment Evaluation; Human Resources Development and Training
  • Organizational Management and Adaptive Management
2 8
Integrated Operational Marketing
  • Sustainability-driven marketing
  • Managing Content Marketing Strategy
  • Corporate Affairs and B2B Marketing
  • Marketing Communications & Advertisement
  • Integrated Retail Marketing
  • Product and Innovation Policy
  • Pricing Policy and Sales Forecasting Methodology
4 16
Strategic Branding Promotion Policies
  • Fundamentals of building a brand strategy
  • Defining Product Value and Market Segmentation
  • Data Visualization in Brand and Product management
  • Brand management in the digital economy
  • Introduction to Luxury Services Branding Strategy
  • Event Management
4 16
Market Analysis and Data Marketing
  • Digital marketing and Digital Innovation
  • Data marketing – Customer Analytics and Sales Data Analytics
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence in Data Marketing
  • Sales management strategies and methodologies
  • Analyzing market trends and new customer trends
4 16
Distribution and Supply Chain Management
  • Overview of Distribution Systems in Industries
  • Warehouse Management and Distribution Channels
  • Transportation and Logistics Management
  • Retail Planning and Retail Operations
2 8
Customer Service Management
  • Effective Advertisement and Promotion Policies
  • Understanding Consumer Insights, Advanced Consumer Behavior, and Psychology
  • Developing professional customer services
  • Implementing promotion policies
  • Comprehensive Salesforce Customer Relation Management
  • Using Information Technology to Improve Customer Service
  • Professional Sales Negotiation Techniques
2 8
Public Relations and Media Strategy
  • Introduction to Public Relations and the Media
  • Government Affairs and Corporate Management
  • Leadership and Negotiation Skills Specialization
  • Social Responsibility and Media Ethics
3 12
Business Law for CMO
  • Introduction to Corporate Law
  • Introduction to Commercial Law
  • Introduction to Competition Law in the International Domain (CLI)
2 8
Telling true stories and sharing the CMO's practical experience
1 4
Networking Event with Executives from Multinational Organizations
1 4
Workshop with Executives from Multinational Organizations
1 4
Graduation Ceremony
1 4
34 136
Course Duration Opening Schedule Time
Pro CMO – Professional Chief Marketing Officer 34 days / 136 periods Mon – Wed – Fri 18h00 – 21h00

Mr. Alvin Koh
CEO & Founder at Loop Smart Retail

Mr. Julian Villaquiran
Academic Director at Institute of Accounting and Business Management (IABM)

Mr. Sergio Pereira da Silva
Chairman of CCIPV – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Portugal

Ms. Kel Norman
Managing Director at Building Coffee

Mr. Miguel A. Ferrer
Managing Director at Shire Oak International

Mr. Le Hoang Anh
Director of Corporate Development at Laidon Group

Dr. Nguyen Van Huong
President & CEO at Global Book Corporation, Global Media and Coaching

Mr. Le Hong Phuc
President of Vietnam Human Resources Club

Dr. Nguyen Le Thai Hoa
Sales Director at Hoa Mai Trading Ltd

Mr. Phan Hoai Nam
Former TAX Director at Big4

Mr. Bui An Son
Marketing Director at Shire Oak International

Mr. Ngo Vuong Tuan Kiet
Head of ERP and IoTs Department – Duy Tan Plastic Production Joint Stock Company

Mr. Hoang Thai Tu
Chairman of Sbusiness Communication Joint Stock Company

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Khang
Head of National Trade Marketing at Coca Cola

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Thinh
Senior Media Manager at P&G, Unilever

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