Finance - Accounting Specialist Training | Financial Statement Preparation & Annual Tax Finalization
Opening information & tuition fees
Duration: 17 sessions / 68 periods
Schedule: Mon - Wed - Fri evening
Class: 18h00 - 21h00
Tuition fee: 2.600.000 VND

This program is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation on aspects of financial reporting and tax finalization of businesses to all individuals who have completed Colleges or Universities with the major of finance and accounting or accounting training courses and are currently working in the finance and accounting profession at businesses.

Course Objectives

This program helps the participants to:

  • Have knowledge about the principles and process of making financial statements and annual taxes finalization
  • Have the ability to make financial statements and finalize annual taxes of businesses.

Course Outcomes

After this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Read and understand financial statements
  • Analyze and create financial statements
  • Learn about CIT, PIT
  • Know how to calculate taxes and finalize annual taxes
No. Modules Time
Session Periods
Making Financial Statements
  • Financial statements according to Circular of Ministry of Finance
  • Accounting period, fiscal year
  • Making Financial Statements
  • Practice on the computer
8 32
Corporate Income Tax Finalization
  • General concept of CIT
  • Bases for calculating CIT
  • CIT finalization from regular business activities
  • CIT finalization from real estate transfer
  • Practice exercise
4 16
Personal Income Tax Finalization
  • Overview of PIT
  • Calculation of PIT for resident individuals from salary
  • Calculation of PIT for resident individuals
  • Calculation of PIT for non-resident individuals
  • PIT Finalization from salary
  • Submit tax finalization documents
  • PIT return
5 20
17 68
Course Duration Opening Schedule Time
Financial Statement Preparation & Annual Tax Finalization 17 sessions / 68 periods Mon – Wed – Fri 18h00 – 21h00

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